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7 Ways New Yorkers Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs

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New York summers can be sweltering with temperatures easily reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Blasting the air conditioning feels great but your wallet will take a big hit with New York having the fourth highest electricity prices in the United States!

So what are New Yorkers to do? Learn 7 proven tips on staying cool and energy efficient including spray foam insulation, air conditioning maintenance, light bulb and laundry tips in the 7 Ways New Yorkers Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs Infographic.

SmartSeal Inc. Spray Foam Insulation is proud to present you with our money saving  7 Ways New Yorkers Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs Infographic. Get started saving on your energy bills today with our proven tips and let us know which tip is your favorite!

7 Ways New Yorkers Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs - Maximizing Energy Efficiency

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