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Unvented Attic Insulation

Unvented Attic Insulation – The year-round solution

Save on energy costs and keep your attic temperature within 5-10 degrees of your living area with Spray Foam Attic Insulation.

Until recently, the accepted position on attics was that they should always be vented.  However, that stance was reversed after several studies proved that, if properly designed, unvented attics outperform vented versions and make them more energy efficient.  In fact, unvented attics are included in the 2006 IRC and are accepted by most building codes.

Vented attics have been used to deal with issues that may occur when heat or moisture escapes into the attic, such as when HVAC ducts and air handlers leak.  The use of fiber Attic Insulation allows for the flow of air, causing a substantial loss of thermal performance.

Unvented attics produce superior performance during both winter and summer climates, because spray foam Attic Insulation serves as a year-round imaginary encasement that keeps heat from escaping or penetrating, depending on the season.

In the winter, spray foam Attic Insulation only allows for a minimal amount of heat to escape.  And because spray foam Attic Insulation acts as an air barrier and vapor retarder, moist air and humidity cannot penetrate.  In the summer, the same barrier factor prevents the heat from penetrating through the roof, resulting in lower HVAC expense.

Here are some of the results to be gained from unvented Attic Insulation

  •  Energy loss due to duct leakage are contained and eliminates the loss of conditioned air
  • HVAC equipment doesn’t have to expend energy to remove excess humidity gaining increased efficiency
  • The attic temperature stays within 5-to-10 degrees Fahrenheit of the living area below
  •  Savings on energy costs

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